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Let the memory live again..

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Safe and Sound 

Just a bit of Rane hell night ..angst? I don’t know if it can be called that… Just sadness.

Shane sat in the fetal position as he stared up at the burning building in front of him. He could hear the screams of everyone around him, but they meant nothing. What did they know of loss? 

The firemen around the building called out to each other, desperately battling the flames to reach those trapped inside. Blaine. Micah… Reed. His vision blurred as he tipped his head up to the sky. “Please.” He croaked out to whatever was out there, his voice hoarse from screaming. 

10 minutes had passed from the last explosion coming from the building. He’d heard someone say that it was the paint. 

Silence had fallen over the crowd standing outside the building. They were unable to do anything. One of the students pointed out that if they didn’t get out soon, it would be too late. 

The minutes ticked by. Why wasn’t anyone coming out?

The flames seemed to be dying down…

A shout rang out from the group closest to the main doors. Shane’s head shot up. There, as he looked, was Blaine and Justin climbing out of the large windows next to the doors, the former being supported by the latter. He heard his mother sob with relief and rush over to Blaine. But as glad as he was that his brother was safe, his eyes stayed locked on the window. 

The others followed Blaine out, stumbling out, choking and supporting each other. Wes and David, carrying between them a tall unconscious bleached-blonde boy (not particularly gently); the twins, clinging to each other, refusing to let go for anyone; Kurt, Julian and Charlie, all together, Charlie carrying a woman who was obviously a teacher; and Micah, glasses broken beyond repair, who made his way straight over to Shane, pushing away the medics who tried to force him onto a stretcher.

“Shane.” Micah grabbed onto his shoulders, his voice rasping from the smoke in his lungs and his eyes sad. “Listen, you couldn’t have done anything. It’s not your fault at all.” What? Shane looked up at Micah, baffled and scared. It didn’t make any sense. What wasn’t his fault? And he could have done something, he was sure. Micah sighed sadly at Shane’s expression and turned back to face the door. Shane mimicked Micah’s movements, as Logan clambered out of the broken window, holding in his arms a body that looked broken and impossibly small.

“Reed!” He heard a voice scream out, filled with pain, and he was on his feet and sprinting towards Logan before he realized that it had been him. “No, no, no, please.” He sobbed, tears streaming down his face. 

Logan gently lay the small boy down on the soft grass and Shane dropped to his knees, pulling Reed close to him. “He’s just unconscious.” Logan said weakly. “I’m sorry, Shane.” 

Shane ignored him, his entire focus on the boy in his arms. “Reed, please. Please, wake up.” he choked out, stroking hair away from the wound that bled onto blonde curls.

There was a flutter of eyelashes, and Shane stared into hazy brown eyes. “Shane?” Reed blinked slowly, as though it took so much effort just to open his eyes. 

“Hey.” Shane managed a small smile. Around them, everything was still chaos, but all he cared about was the other. 

Reed closed his eyes again, taking in a weak, rasping breath. “Shane… it hurts…”

Shane felt tears fill his eyes again. “I know, Reed. I know.”

“”M so sleepy.” Reed mumbled, turning his face slightly into Shane’s shirt, inhaling again as best as he could. 

Shane looked at Reed, panicked. “No, Reed. You have to stay awake,” he begged. “Please. Someone is coming to help.”

Reed managed to shake his. “No. Don’t want help.” He opened his eyes, slowly. “This is perfect.” he smiled sadly, making Shane look at him with concern. 

“What do you mean?” he asked, worried.

“‘M dying, Shane.” Reed stated bluntly, accepting his fate. His eyes drooped again. “I don’t wanna die at a hospital. I want you holding me.” 

“No, no. Please, Reed.” Shane choked out. “You’re not dying. I won’t let you.”

Reed sighed softly. It was getting more difficult to keep his eyes open, to fight against the numbing comfort that was spreading through his mind. “Sing to me, Shane.” He murmured. “Sing me a lullaby. I’m sleepy. Please.”

Shane blinked away the tears. How could Reed be so accepting? So easily facing death? 

“Please, Shane.” Came the quiet whisper, weakening.

He swallowed once, calming himself as much as he could. He ran his hand softly down the side of Reed’s face as he started to sing.

I remember tears streaming down your face 
When I said, I’ll never let you go 
When all those shadows almost killed your light…

Around the pair, students gathered, the injured and non-injured, all quiet as they listened. The conspirators wept silently for their fallen dormouse. Briefly Shane wondered where the hell the medics were, and why weren’t they doing anything? Couldn’t they see Reed was dying?

Just close your eyes, the sun is going down 
You’ll be alright; no one can hurt you now 
Come morning light, you and I’ll be safe & sound…

Reed’s eyes found Shane’s, staring up at him. Shane tried to imprint the memory of Reed’s eyes, his beautiful, soft, brown eyes, into his mind, knowing that this was the last time he’d see them. “I love you,” he breathed out. Tears threatened to fall again, but Shane kept singing, determined to grant Reed one final wish.

Don’t you dare look out your window darling; everything’s on fire.
The war outside our door keeps raging on 
Hold onto this lullaby, even when the music’s gone, gone

Reed’s eyes fluttered closed for the last time, and his breathing was slowing.

Just close your eyes… 
You’ll be alright…
Come morning light…
You and I’ll be safe & sound…

Reed’s lips curled up in a sad, small, accepting smile, breathing in one last time, before going still in Shane’s arms.

Windsor’s dormouse had gone to sleep. One final, eternal sleep. 

You and I’ll be safe & sound…

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