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The Red Balloon 

Dwighthan prompt from Gabz XP

Dwight gripped Ethan’s hand tightly as they walked towards the marble stone wedged into the ground, the grass around it freshly mowed. It had been more than a year since they had visited here. With both of them going to college in New York, it was getting more and more difficult to visit. He passed the balloon over to Ethan, knowing that if he held onto it while he was talking, he’d probably end up letting go of it too early.

Dwight knelt down next to the stone, tears already starting to flow. Ethan stepped back, knowing that for now, Dwight needed some time alone with his little brother. He would be called over when Dwight needed him.

“Hey, little brother.” Dwight said quietly. “I’m sorry I haven’t visited in a while. Life is starting to catch up with us. I know that’s really no excuse, but it’s all I have. I’m sorry.”

He smiled softly. “Ethan and I are living in New York now. Just where you always wanted to go. There isn’t as many demons there as I said there was, but I’m pretty sure that about fifty percent of the cab drivers are possessed, the way they drive.” Dwight chuckled, fighting a fresh wave of tears. “One almost smashed my face in when I sprayed him.”

“I miss you so much, little brother.” He said, his voice going quiet. “I miss you more and more everyday. I wish it had been me instead of you. You were too young. It’s all my fault. I’m your big brother. I’m supposed to protect you! I failed my only job as a brother..” He buried his face in his hands, choking back a sob. He took a moment to try to compose himself again, looking up, trying to smile “I know, I know. I shouldn’t blame myself. But it’s true. I should have saved you. But I didn’t.”

He turned back to look at Ethan, holding out his hand. Ethan instantly moved over and took it, smiling encouragingly. Dwight turned backt o the stone.

“Ethan and I actually have some news to tell you.” He began, smiling. “In a couple of months, we’re going to be dads. Our friend, Laura, offered to be a surrogate for us, because we want to extend our little family. We found out that it’s going to be a boy, and we’re naming him after you.” Dwight squeezed Ethan’s hand, smiling up at him. “I’m going to teach him how to be a hunter and Ethan’s going to teach him how to create trouble and he’ll grow up knowing all about his Uncle Alan, the best kid hunter the world has ever seen.”

Dwight stood up next to Ethan, looking up from the stone to the sky. “I know that there’s something up there.” He whispered. “Someone like you deserves nothing less than heaven. And I know you’re up there, that’s why I brought this.” Dwight took the balloon from Ethan. “I figured that it would float up to you, as a reminder that I’m always thinking about you. I remembered that red was your favourite, so I made sure to get a red one.”

He smiled sadly as he let go of the balloon string, watching it float up to the heavens. “I love you, little brother. I’m always thinking about you.”

They stood there in silence as the balloon drifted away, slowly shrinking into a tiny red dot, until it was too small to see.

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